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How to solute when trying the radio

1.Frequency Interference:when the frequency interference your can try:change channel,set CTCSS/CDCSS/DTMF code or lower the squelch level

2.Short Distance: if If there is difference between required communication distance and practical distance, the communication can be realized through adjustment of radio RF power or squelch level. Or, a repeater is suggested added to improve the communication.

3. Intermittent Voice: Intermittent voice is often heard in critical distance during radio communication. Under such condition, please adjust squelch level or cancel CDCSS/CTCSS code to improve it.

4. Squeaking: It's normal that squeaking may be heard on the channel when two radios is several meters near or closer. Users can adjust the volume to improve it.

Why Couldn't I communicate with other group members?

First, please verify that the channel frequency and the CTCSS you are using are the same as those of your group members. If the channel frequency and the CTCSS are the same, please verify that your group members are within the radio coverage.

Why can I hear the voice from other groups?

Please change your CTCSS for the channel. At the same time, you also need to the CTCSS for all the radios in your group. If you don't like this, you may apply another channel frequency.

What is the battery life cycle?

Please replace your old battery with a new one when the battery life cycle is over, so that you can get the best performance from your radios. For a Ni-MH battery, it is designed to 500 standard recharge & discharge cycles; for a Li-ion, 1000 standard cycles.

How long is the communicate distance of TC-XX?

The communicate distance would be disturbed by following factors:
(1) Environment: If you use it around high buildings and large mansions, the communication range is smaller.
(2) Weather: If you use the radio in rainy day, the radio performance maybe poor.
(3) Power: If the power of the radio is very low, you have a poor communicate distance.

The voice received is intermittent with rather big noises.

Usually, when the radios are at the edge of the coverage area or in some places where the radio signals are interrupted or blocked, this symptom will happen. Please kindly verify the above. If necessary, please return the radio to your LINTON authorized dealer for maintenanc.

What should I do, if the radio is dropped into water?

Take the radio out of water as quick as possible and remove the battery as quick as possible. Swing the water out of radio and put the radio at the place where the ventilation is good so that the radio be dried quickly. At last but not least, return the radio to your HYT authorized dealer for maintenance as early as possible.



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